About Foreseeson

About Us

Foreseeson Technology, a Canadian company with the vision to make a better and greener world, runs fourseasonsgrower.com where it provides information, benefits and solutions to growing fresh and organic foods indoor using our Smart Grower and organic soil and seeds.

Our Four Seasons Grower division name is a constant reminder that you are able to grow fresh organic produce throughout the entire year. Smart Grower is one of our many green solutions in addition to Home Power battery solutions, solar panels, wind turbines, LED lighting and EV chargers. With our innovative products, we strive to provide our next generations a greener and healthier environment.

Foreseeson Technology is amongst the top innovative Canadian companies and is located in Richmond, BC. Please visit www.foreseeson.com for more info!

Social Responsibility​

We have a strong sense of responsibility toward our society where we can grow big together. Every dollar you spend on fourseasonsgrower.com will contribute 1% to the Smart Grower fund which will in turn help set up Smart Growers in schools. This provides great opportunities for children to learn more about the plant growth cycles. Let’s grow a healthy future together!