Beets microgreens are the young plants of the beets green, harvested, and consumed when they produce a cotyledon or the first true leaf. They are part of the plant family Amaranthaceae-Chenopodiaceae. The microgreens have a distinctive earthy taste with a hint of pepper. They are crunchy yet have a juicy texture. Its taste can be described as a sweet mix between root beets and spinach. Commonly used raw, beets microgreens are a good complement to dishes as garnishes, salads and sandwiches. Another application is when they are finely chopped and used similar to a spread on sharp cheddar cheese on crackers.

The Ancient Romans were among the first people to harvest beets although the plant is believed to have started to be used in Africa thousands of years ago before spreading to Asian and European regions. Beets microgreens, on the other hand, only became known in the 1970s when they, with a few other microgreens, were introduced in San Francisco, California restaurants.