What’s the difference between Alpine strawberries and the popular strawberries the people know and love in various parts of the world? Alpine strawberries are often referred to as wild strawberries that grow naturally in northern Europe and Canada. However, some strains of alpine strawberries have been cultivated recently because of the growing demand for this deliciously sweet, aromatic and smaller variety of strawberries.

Alpine strawberries are more expensive despite being smaller than the regular strawberries. Although they are easier to grow, alpine strawberries are expensive and rare because the plants are not as productive as they only produce a few strawberries each time. However, the alpine strawberries make up for this with the intensity of flavor.

The alpine strawberry plant is mostly grown in gardens because of its ornamental properties that make them very attractive. They grow neatly in the garden with beautiful leaves and pretty white flowers. Once they are ripe, the tiny berries serve deliciously sweet fragrance to all around the garden.

Woodland strawberry grows in the wild in Europe, the Americas, some parts of Asia, and Africa. The Alpine strawberry is a variety of these woodland strawberries that was discovered about 300 years ago in France and has soon become popular because of the relatively easier way of growing.