Chives microgreen are the smaller, younger and edible version of the mature chives, typically harvested after two to three weeks from sowing day. They were made popular by restaurants as a garnish because of their slight garlic and onion flavors that can elevate any dish.

Chives microgreen are characterized by their young, fragile leaves that are bright green in color and feature edible black-purple seeds at the tips. They are typically thin and flexible, with smooth, evenly textured leaves. Chives microgreen offer a crunchy and juicy taste, with a strongly salty flavor and a sweet and spicy undertone.

Their long, slender delicate shoots, crunchy and juicy stalks with vibrant green color add life and texture to soups, salads, or any dish, like omelet, pasta, potato, sushi and stew. They are also a common ingredient in sauces to add a mild flavor that isn’t overpowering.

Chives are originally from China and Europe in about 3000BC but they weren’t cultivated as a food until the Middle Ages. Chive microgreen were not utilized in cooking until the rise of microgreen in the 1980’s for the health benefits.