The cherry tomato is a small, rounded fruit that is believed to be a genetic admixture between a domesticated garden tomato and a wild currant-type tomato. Typically red in color, some varieties have green, yellow or black color. The size of cherry tomatoes ranges from a marble up to the size of a golf ball.

Considered as a botanical variety of plant members in the berry family, cherry tomatoes have several varieties characterized by different physical properties. These include the Sweet Million, bearing long clusters of sweet and red tomato fruit; SunSugar, producing sweet, richly flavored fruit that is golden in color; and Black Cherry, producing tomatoes with complex, rich, and sweet taste.

Known for its plump fruits with a sweet taste and abundant fruiting, the cherry tomato plant has become very popular for cultivators as the fruit has become a common ingredient to dishes and salad all around the world. Cherry tomatoes can be eaten in multitude ways including fresh, pickled, processed into tomato juice, ketchup or sun-dried tomatoes. This bite-sized variety of tomato has become very popular and useful as food.

Wild cherry tomatoes were first introduced to Europe from South America in the 16th century.