Tips on Growing Cherry Tomato

  • Cherry tomatoes can be grown from seedlings or seeds. When planting seeds, the garden or a pot would be fine as long as the soil is warm, loose and high in organic matter.
  • When planting in a pot or other containers, make sure there are holes for proper drainage of water.
  • Make sure to grow the seedlings during warm weather where there is no danger of frost and there is sufficient direct sunlight for at least eight hours each day.
  • Prepare a tomato cage or wooden stakes to support your growing plant.
  • Make sure your soil is always evenly moist but not dripping by deep watering it every two to three days depending on how dry the soil feels.
  • Apply fertilizer regularly, especially when you first see it fruiting. Avoid pests and fungi by using natural insect spray. If all goes well, harvest should be ready in six to eight weeks.