Tips on Growing Spinach Microgreen

  • Fill a shallow tray or garden pot with clean potting or garden soil mixed with about 30% vermicompost or manure.
  • After spreading the seeds evenly and densely on the growing medium, cover them with a thin layer of soil. The seeds will germinate in 3-4 days. During this period, keep them in shade by covering the growing tray or pot with a lid or cover.
  • When they start to sprout from the soil surface, expose them to light and air. They need 4-5 hours of grow lighting or sunlight.
  • Water the plant regularly, making sure water does not splash directly on the tiny seeds. Moisten them from the sides with the use of spray or can.
  • The microgreens will be ready for harvesting in around 7-12 days when the shoots reach 3 inches tall. Do not harvest your microgreens immediately after watering the plant. The medium should be dry 4-5 hours before the harvest. Use scissors or a sharp knife to cut the shoots just above the soil surface, taking care not to affect the roots.
  • When you plan to grow the next batch of your microgreens, you may decompose the used soil or use fresh coir.