Tips on Growing White Strawberry

Not only are they rare and delicious, but planting white strawberries is also more practical as they do not attract birds when fully mature, unlike red strawberries that are prone to be destroyed because of their attractive color. If you wish to plant your white strawberries, here are some tips you may find useful:


  • White strawberries can be planted using seeds or transplants. They should be planted where they can be protected from frost and get 6 hours of sunlight. They can be grown in the garden or indoors but make sure the soil temperature does not get colder than 15 °C.
  • Use rich, drained soil. White strawberries consume phosphorus and potassium from the soil, so make sure to fertilize when needed.
  • Allow enough space for the plants to grow, about 10-12 inches apart. You can always use pots if you do not have adequate space.
  • Water them regularly with about 1-inch irrigation per week. Try to keep the water off the leaves and fruits to decrease the chances of fungus and other diseases.