Leafy green-Arugula-H

Tips on Growing Arugula Leafy Green

Arugula can be harvested from 30 to over 45 days. You can choose from two groups of varieties to plant;  the fast-growers and slow-growers. Fast growers include Golden Tangy, Italian Cress, and Selvatica, while the slow growers include Astro, Red Dragon, Rocket, and Wasabi, which take 10 days to germinate.

A cool-weather and fast-growing crop, arugula is best sowed in spring or autumn for the best quality growth outdoors.

The crop can be cultivated in greenhouses as well as hydroponics, and can also be harvested after regrowth.

Baby leaves from arugula can be harvested 20 to 30 days after planting. They have a 14-day shelf life.