Tips on Growing Basil Microgreen

You need only a few things to plant basil microgreen. These include seeds, growing tray, growing media, and water.  

  1. Pour soil into the soil tray up to the indicator line and spread the seeds out evenly over the soil. Don’t overcrowd them for smooth growth. Fill the provided spray bottle with water and spray the seeds and top of soil until shimmering. Place humidity dome over flood tray with inserted soil tray and insert them into the grow unit. Pour water into the flood tray repository until soil is completely moist.
  2. The seeds take two to three days to germinate and harvest time is 15 days after.
  3. When you see signs of germination, mist them daily with water from the top so the seeds don’t move or rise. Remove the humidity dome.
  4. During the germination period, the sprouts don’t require light. The microgreen should be ready for indirect sunlight after two to five days but be careful not to expose them to direct hot sunlight; this can damage the delicate microgreen.
  5. Water and monitor your plants daily until they grow two to three inches tall. During harvest, simply cut the microgreen stems as close to the soil as possible.