Microgreen-Mustard: Red Streaks Mizuna-H

Tips on Growing Mustard: Red Streaks Mizuna Microgreen

Red Streaks Mizuna Mustard is a tenacious plant. These microgreens, like most brassicas, grow quickly in the right conditions, which include a fertile growing medium, and fairly warm spot with good light and airflow.

  • The seeds of the plant take two to three days to germinate. They can be grown in soil or hydroponic growth medium. Whatever medium you choose to grow your microgreens on, be sure to spread your seeds across the surface; the denser, the thicker the greens will be when they grow. Just be wary not to overcrowd them as that may lead to crop failure.
  • After the seeds are sown, cover the growing tray with something to block out the light for the first two days.
  • After two days, remove the cover and locate your tray under light or in a sunny area. Using a Grower appliance is recommended since growing them near a window can cause the greens to be stemmy and lean.
  • Microgreens reach maturity and can be harvested after 8-12 days. When the leaves are open and an inch to 3 inches tall, the plant can be harvested. Cut the stem just above the medium, with scissors or a sharp knife.
  • To get the best flavor to go with your meal, test the flavor of the microgreen by trying some every day from day 8.