Tips on Growing Mint Herb

At present, mint is a popular plant used and cultivated worldwide. If mint is part of your crop list at home, here are some useful and effective tips you need to keep in mind when planting, growing, and cultivating mint.

  • Mints can be grown outdoors and indoors. If you choose to plant them inside your home, you can simply use an empty bottle of water or a pot, filling it with light soil.
  • Make sure your container has good drainage for healthy plant growth. To facilitate drainage, mix sand and rich compost with your soil.
  • Add mulch to the top of your plant’s soil, creating a layer that will keep the roots cool and minimize watering. The mulch will also act as a barrier to protect your plant from weeds, pathogens, and bacteria.
  • Place your plant under direct sunlight. When indoors, you can position it by a window that gets sunlight throughout the day. If direct sunlight isn’t available, grow lights are great alternatives.
  • When growing mint plants outdoors, use moist soil and keep them about 2 feet apart from one another.
  • If you have other plants in the garden, plant mint near tomatoes and cabbages and preferably in pots. This way, these plants will not steal the nutrients from your crops.