Tips on Growing Alpine Strawberry

Because alpine strawberries are easy and unfussy to grow, it has become popular for growers who do not like to grow delicate plants. However, it is still important to treat them with care to have a better harvest. Here are some tips you can do:

  • Alpine strawberries grow in most soils even with just four hours of sunlight every day. However, to get sweeter fruits, make sure to use aerated, rich and moist soil. Use organic fertilizer to enrich the soil with minerals needed by the plant to grow.
  • When growing these from seeds, germinate them for a few weeks by putting them in a flat (the black plastic trays that hold plants in separate pots) with a well-drained medium. Cover them lightly with soil and place them on water.
  • Transfer the germinated seedlings into pots to the garden only after the threat of frost has gone.
  • Since they have shallow roots, making them prone to damage, keep the soil cool during hot summer months by adding organic mulch that nourishes the soil and keeps weeds from growing at the same time.
  • Monitor the plants regularly and remove infected plants to prevent them from spreading.
  • Keep the plants in warmer temperatures to produce more fruits by prolonging the fruit-bearing season. Plant them in a greenhouse or keep them under the sun, but make sure to monitor the temperature as fruiting slows down with hot weather.