Tips on Growing Basil Herb

Growing Basil indoors doesn’t have to take too much space. You can begin planting your starter plants in something as small as a paper roll. Here’s how.

  1. Gather and prepare your materials.
  2. Place your seeds in the soil, and make sure they are well covered.
  3. Fill the provided spray bottle with water and spray the seeds and top of soil until shimmering. Place humidity dome over flood tray with inserted soil tray and insert them into the grow unit. Pour water into the flood tray repository until soil is completely moist.
  4. Within three to four days, you will see that your plants have germinated. Remove the humidity dome.
  5. Once they grow bigger, cut the top part of the plant, also known as pruning, to create more stems.
  6. Optional – you may want to transfer your starter plant to a more spacious container as it grows bigger.
  7. Avoid drowning your herb with too much water.
  8. You can harvest your herb after three to four weeks.