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Tips on Growing Lettuce Leafy Green

Knowing the peculiar properties of lettuce and its different varieties is the key to successfully growing this wonderful plant. Here are some helpful tips you need to keep in mind if you want to successfully cultivate specific or various types of lettuce in your garden.

  • Leaf, Romaine, and Butterhead Lettuce may be planted anytime in spring but Crispheads, which are very sensitive to heat, must reach maturity before the first hot spell of summer for high-quality heads.
  • Crisphead varieties that can withstand warm environments such as Ithaca Lettuce may be planted when you are in a place with no temperate climate.  
  • The use of organic mulches can help moderate soil temperature and humidity to produce better quality lettuce in less ideal conditions.
  • Lettuce has shallow roots. It should be cultivated carefully.
  • Watering is essential for seed germination, the establishment of seedlings, rapid leaf development, and to prevent tipburn, all resulting in high-quality lettuce. However, overwatering, especially in heavy soils may cause soft growth, disease, and scalding or burning of the leaf margins.  
  • Good soil and air drainage will prevent foliage rots, especially in hot or cold weather.  
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