Tips on Growing Amaranth Microgreen

  • Grow amaranth microgreens in soil 3-4 inches deep. Their roots will have room to grow and you will not need to water them too often.
  • Use a tray or container large enough that suits the number of microgreens you hope to grow. A growing medium consisting of 50% soil and 50% coconut coir is a great option.
  • Scatter the seeds densely but uniformly across the top of growing medium but leave enough exposed soil surface.
  • Slightly mist the planted seeds with water.
  • Cover the tray with another tray to avoid the light getting in. A couple of ventilation holes on the sides of the cover will help lessen the risk of mold growth. You should see signs of germination by the end of 2-3 days.
  • Once the seeds have germinated, you can leave the cover on for an extra day. It will help them grow a light pink color.
  • Remove the cover and transfer them to the light. The plants do not need direct sunlight as this is likely to kill them.
  • Mist the plants daily.
  • The microgreens should be ready to harvest once they hit 10 days old.