Tips on Growing Pak Choi Microgreen

  • Pak Choi microgreens may be grown in soil or hydroponic. Their seeds germinate in 1-2 days and they are ideally harvested after 8-12 days.
  • You can start growing the microgreens in a 10” × 20” plant growing tray. A 50/50 mix of organic potting soil and coconut coir is advisable. Fill your tray up to just below the brim with your growing medium packing it down lightly.
  • Mist your seeds lightly after sowing. Cover your tray with something to prevent your seeds from seeing any light. This will encourage the seeds to germinate better.
  • Pak Choi microgreens are more sensitive to light. They should be kept in lower light conditions after the 3rd or 4th day when you expose them to light. When you grow them indoors, you may use a grow light.
  • Be sure to water your plants well over the next week or so. Inspect your crop for mold or fungus as well as dead patches. You need to water them more frequently if you grow them in the sun.
  • When harvesting, use a sharp knife or scissors to cut straight through the stems. Cut about a half-inch above the soil to avoid getting debris like husks and soil.