Tips on Growing Kale Microgreen

  • Kale seeds do not need soaking before being planted. It will take then 2-3 days to germinate.
  • Sterilized soil, coconut coir, and earthworm castings are the best growing medium that can be used to provide your plants with extra nutrients. You may use 10×10 or 10×20 trays to fill with your growing medium.
  • Spread the seeds evenly all over your thoroughly moistened medium.
  • Put a humidity dome on the tray to keep moisture in and light out. Put the entire growing unit in a dark area with a room temperature of around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the germination period. Inspect the growing unit every day to check that the plants are okay. Mist them lightly.
  • When your plants start to show leaves, remove the lid cover and move your crop to a well-lit location that can help them to grow. You may use a grow light, artificial light, or indirect sunlight. Note that direct sunlight dries them out too quickly.
  • Microgreens can be harvested after 8-12 days. When the leaves are open and an inch to 3 inches tall, the plant can be harvested. Cut the stem just above the medium, with scissors or a sharp knife.
  • To test its flavor, you can try some every day to get the best flavor you prefer.