Tips on Growing Cilantro Microgreen

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you decide to plant, grow, and cultivate cilantro microgreens in your home or garden.

  • Cilantro seeds take 2-3 days to germinate while time to harvest is between 14 and 21 days.
  • Select a tray, about 10 in x 20 in, preferably with holes at the bottom, in which to grow your cilantro microgreens.
  • The best choice for soil to plant on is a potting mix with vermiculite.
  • Cilantro microgreen seeds are not keen on water nor want to be soaked and drained.
  • Upon sowing the seeds, cover up the tray to keep moisture in and keep it in a dark place for 5-9 days. It is good to check the plants from day 5 to check signs of wilting.
  • You may water them only every 3 days. Always water the growing medium (the material that your plants grow in), not the microgreen.
  • The cover may be removed on day 7 and the plant moved to a sunnier location. If you prefer to grow cilantro microgreens indoors, it is advisable to locate them in a south-facing window or in a grower unit.
  • Cilantro microgreens are ready to harvest between day 14 and 21. You may allow one extra week before harvesting for a slightly richer flavor. To check whether microgreens are ready, simply harvest a couple and taste them.
  • Cut the stems as close to the growing medium as possible; Start a new cilantro crop after you’ve used up your crop.